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FSM Representatives Participated in 2011 RTI-Innovations Conference
As the FSM Department of Education continues work on developing a pilot program to implement a RTI/ISD model in the FSM, several steps have been taken to ensure that a strong foundation is in place to successfully implement the program.

There have been two focused training sessions provided to both State and National education representatives. The last training was held in Pohnpei in July, 2011. As a result, at the FACSSO Meeting in July, a resolution was passed affirming a commitment to implement a pilot program within each State. The resolution also directed the National Transformation Team (NTT) to meet and prepare an initial FSM Blueprint for RTI/ISD including budget recommendations. The NTT was to report back to FACSSO within 60 days.

Following the July training, the acting Secretary sent out a request to all State Directors to designate the individual who would represent their State on the NTT and then also serve as the chairperson of their State RTI Leadership Team. The request also asked each Director to identify the pilot school(s) that would be used for the pilot implementation.

In October 12-14, a representative team from the FSM was able to attend the RTI Innovations Conference in Salt Lake City. At the invitation of Amber Landward and Dave Tilly, conference organizers, the FSM Team was able to do site visits where duel immersion RTI programs were being implemented. The participants also were able to interact with other professionals who were in different stages of implementing RTI programs in their states.

On October 14, 2011 at the conclusion of the conference, FSM conducted the first meeting of the National Leadership Team. The following action steps were agreed upon during the meeting:

1. By October 30, each State will finalize the membership of their State Leadership Team and Pilot School(s). This information will be forwarded to NDOE.

2. Each State Director will identify a full-time RTI Coach to serve in their pilot program. The RTI Coach will receive focused special training in February/March, 2012.

3. NDOE will provide guidance for each State to use in the formation and implementation of their State Leadership Teams and Building Leadership Teams within each pilot school.

4. NDOE will produce a Power Point Introductory RTI/ISD presentation for each State to use in continuing to build consensus for full implementation of the RTI/ISD project.

5. NDOE will develop a listserv that includes all the participants and members of the NTT, SLT, and BLT.

6. NDOE will plan a focused training program for designated RTI/ISD Coaches to be implemented in February/March, 2012. The trained coaches will be part of a team that will serve as trainers for a RTI/ISD Summer Institute.

7. NDOE and the NTT will plan for a RTI/ISD Summer Institute. This meeting will bring together NTT members, State Leadership Team members, and members from each Building Level Team. Focused training will be provided for implementation of the program in SY 2012-13.

8. The NTT will continue to develop an initial Blue Print Implementation plan for the FSM RTI/ISD model with budget considerations. This information will be transmitted to FACSSO by November, 2011.

The representing FSM are: Arthur Albert, FSM Chief of Special Services; Miyai Keller, FSM SpEd Assessment/Data Coordinator; Gardenia Aisek, Chuuk Director of Education; Ansina Kony, Chuuk SpEd Coordinator; Johndy Nakmura, Chuuk Curriculum Specialist; John Bugulrow, Yap SpEd Coordinator; Raynold Albert, Pohnpei Curriculum Specialist; Carlina Henry, Pohnpei SpEd Coordinator; Linter Kihleng, Pohnpei Professional Development Specialist; Welsin Kehpas, Kosrae Bridging Gap Specalist; Marbe Martin, Kosrae SpEd Coordinator; Winton Clarence, PREL specialist.

For more information on this conference, please contact FSM Division of Special Services or each respective State Special Education Office.
Posted on 26 Oct 2011

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