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Yap State Onsite Monitoring/Verification Visit & FSM IDEA Part B Public Hearing

Yap State
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Under the requirements of the IDEA Part B grant, the FSM Department of Education has assured, through the provisions of Public Law 14-08, that all children with disabilities will receive a free appropriate public education consistent with the requirements of IDEA. The FSM Special Education Program operated through the FSM Department of Education contains specific requirements and provisions for funding special education program within each State.

In receiving funding under IDEA, each state must assure that the provisions of Public Law 14-08 and the provisions of IDEA are being fulfilled. Additionally, to be eligible for IDEA funding, each State must annually submit a Special Education LEA Application that includes specific Assurances for the delivery of special education and related services, a Local Performance Plan (LPP) and a detailed budget for the coming school year.