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Kosrae State

A Message from the Special Education Coordinator


Greeting for the Island of the Sleeping Lady and Welcome to our Special Education website. I strongly believe that we need to educate and provide greater awareness of Special Education programs serving children with disabilities in our community. This website provides information concerning the Special Education programs and services offered through the Kosrae Department of Education.

If you need additional information, please contact our office at 691-370-3008.


Kosrae Resources

Recent updates

  • Verification Monitoring Report

    The FSM National Department of Education, which recieved funding under OSEP Part B of the IDEA, is required under the general supervsion of the IDEA to implement a comprehensive special education monitoring program that will assess the effectiveness of the implementation of special education and

    Kosrae Monitoring Report 2018.pdf
    Kosrae Monitoring Findings Summary 2018.pdf
Infographic of Kosrae Special Education Program

Kosrae infographic description