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2014 Data Training on Effective Use of Data

March 12-14: Yap, Federated States of Micronesia - The FSM Division of Special Services coordinated a data training for FSM States special education coordinators, data managers, case managers, and other data personnel from the departments of education. Dr. Steve Spencer and Youngho Jang of San Diego State University helped facilitated the training. Dr Steve Spencer has been serving as a consultant to the FSM Special Education Program for numerous years while Young Jang is the programmer for the Special Education Database, which is Student Information Tracking System (SITS) 

The purpose of the 3-day training was to introduce the new features on the SITS, and share strategies on how the program can effectively share its data to principals, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. There were a total of 30 from all the States and National Government. The states were provide with copies of new SITS User’s Guide, which contain the revised user’s guidelines, OSEP Data Dictionary, and Special Education Procedural Forms. 

During the activity in which the state share how they are using data from the SITS, most of them indicated that they are using special education data to make decisions around allocation of resources. In addition, they also use their data for reporting to the public and other agencies. As part of the training, each state developed an action plan on how they will share their special education data to their communities and stakeholders. Some of the methods that the participants planned to use including creating school brochures to summarize school data, make announcements on local radio stations, present during states and national education conferences, etc. 

For more information regarding this training, please contact Mr. Miyai Keller, Special Education Assessment and Data Coordinator at or 691-3201055/8982.