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Chuuk Hosts 3rd Annual FSM EHDI Symposium

The 3rd Annual FSM Early Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) Symposium was held in the State of Chuuk on July 30- August 1, 2012. The target audience was the FSM EHDI Staff-National level, State EHDI Coordinators, Maternal Child Health (MCH)Data Clerks, physicians, nurses, nurse aides, medical officers, Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Coordinators, and relate services assistants from Special Education, and most especially, the selected Parents of Children with Hearing Loss. The 3-day symposium was conducted by the FSM EHDI Team from the National Government under the supervision of Dr. Velma Sablan, FSM-EHDI Project Evaluator. This year’s symposium theme is: FSM-EHDI Collaboration & Partnership for Infants and Young Children with Hearing Loss & Their Families.

The symposium started with an opening remark by Mr. Resty Shotaro, Deputy Director of Chuuk State Hospital. The opening remark was followed by reports from the 4 State EHDI Coordinators. The State EHDI reports covered the recorded number of hospital birth and home birth, infants that were screened before discharge, infants returned for follow-up screening, infants that failed the initial and 2nd screening, infants failed 2nd screening and still awaits Audiologist for further evaluation, and discussion of States’ overall progress in comparison to previous years. 

A Discussion Panel entitled “Observation & Improvement for FSM-EHDI: From the Physicians Perspective” was held by the each State's physicians. It’s a privilege for the parents of children with hearing loss and service providers to have the opportunity to ask questions and concerns they have relating to hearing loss and the available services. The questions and concerns raised were professionally addressed by the State Physicians. 

As part of the 3-day activities, group work sessions were scheduled for the following purposes: (a) the development of FSM-EHDI brochures for 1-3-6 months and late onset/progressive loss, (b) the development of FSM-EHDI policies & procedures manual from initial screening to early intervention, (c) and the development of State legislation for newborn hearing screening. The States’ EHDI policies & procedures manual for initial screening to early intervention are in progress. Each State will have a draft of their FSM-EHDI State policies & procedural manual, and a plan & timeline when the manual will be adopted. Additionally, States are expected to draft the newborn hearing screening legislation for their State and plan to follow-up until it is signed into law at their State. All plans are in progress and the FSM EHDI Team expects progress report in the next FSM EDHI symposium which will take place same month next year in Kosrae. 


The FSM-EHDI Team:
Dr. Vita Skilling, Secretary of Health and Social Affairs & FSM-EHDI Project Investigator
Dionis Saimon- FSM-EHDI Coordinator
Stanley Mickey, FSM-EHDI Assistant Coordinator
Vicky Nimea, FSM-EHDI Financial Management Specialist
Teliwy Liwy, FSM-EHDI Follow-Up Coordinator
Ben Jesse, Data Management Coordinator
Dr. Anamaria Yomai, FSM State Champion
Arthur Albert, FSM Special Education Executive Director
Cynthia Saimon, FSM ECSE Coordinator
Almihne Manuel, FSM ECSE Assistant
Herlinsen Habuchmai, Parent Advocate

Represented RSA’s:
Laverne Ludwig, Chuuk State
Rosita Elias, Chuuk State
Manner Namelo, Chuuk State
Benedict Sapweirik, Chuuk State
Andyna Simina, Chuuk State
Alvin Defang, Chuuk State
Johanes Bisalen, Chuuk State
Roman Olobuy, Chuuk State
Isobel George, Kosrae State
Sihter Santos, PNI ECE Disability Specialist
Maxsihpa Harris, Pohnpei State
Jesse Solomon, Pohnpei State
Mary Layan, Yap State

FSM-EHDI Consultants:
Dr. Velma Sablan, Project Evaluator
Dr. Linda Flynn-Wilson, Early Intervention Trainer