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FSM Special Education Procedural Manual and Response to Intervention Handbook Training

July 15-17, 2012 - FSM Special Education 101 Training - In conjunction with the MTEC Conference that was held in Yap State on July 9-11, 2012, NDOE Special Education sponsored a focused training on the revised Special Education Handbook and Forms that was completed with the assistance of Dr. Steve Spencer, FSM Special Education Consultant from San Diego State University. We have been working on the revisions to the handbook during the past years with input on the draft versions being provided by States’ special education representatives. 

As part of the effort, a new draft Response To Intervention (RTI) Handbook was also developed. Part of the development effort included preparing training modules that could be used by special education staff in each state for future staff development efforts.

On July 15-17 initial training was provided for special education representatives from each State. Three training modules were introduced: Module 1 - Special Education 101 provides a basic orientation to Special Education; Module 2- RTI provides an orientation to the provisions on Response To Intervention. Module 3- provides orientation to Special Education procedures and forms. All Participants received both the Special Education Handbook and RTI Handbook. All documents and power- point training materials were provided on (thumb) drives (memory sticks) for easy replication.

The training was a success, according to evaluations by the participants, and many good suggestions were made by the participants that have been included in the final version of the two documents. The NDOE Chief, Special Services is now getting final approval for implementation from the Secretary of Education. The Chief plans to provide additional orientation and training for the approved handbooks during the Special Education Leadership Meeting which is planned to be held in Chuuk State on August 17-19, 2012. 

For more detail information about these handbooks, please access them under the documents and forms section.