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Area: Chuuk State

Special Education Resources on the Internet
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Pacific Archive of Digital Data fro Learning and Education, this website is maintained by PREL and archives education related documents for each Pacific entity.
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FSM Department of Education
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Section 618 Data tables
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Verification Monitoring Report
The FSM National Department of Education, which recieved funding under OSEP Part B of the IDEA, is required under the general supervsion of the IDEA to implement a comprehensive special education monitoring program that will assess the effectiveness of the implementation of special education and related services for children and youth with disabilties in the FSM.
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Quarterly Progress Report
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Local Performance Report
Chuuk State is required to submit its Local Education (LEA) Application package to FSM National Department of Education (FSM NDOE)each year for funding. The Local Performance Plan (LPP) contains 5 Indictors from the States Performance Plan and the State Identified Meaurable Results (SIMR), where the state has to report their progress data; explain the progresses and slippages during the school year; and set new targets and improvement activities for the upcoming school year. This document is prepared by the State Department of Educatin with the review and consent by the Advisory Council
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Program Staff Chuuk
Administration, Name, Position, Contact, Ansina Kony Program Coordinator Sadleen Refilong Administrative Assistant   Andina Simina Case Manager   John Hauk Case Manager   Karsina Mefy Case Manager   Phillipa Bisalen Case Manager   Skiller Iener Case Manager   Benedict Saipwerik Diagnostician   Krystal Samor Diagnostician   Febronia I. Dinney Fiscal Officer Sampora Moses Procurement Specialist   Hattie Ifa Secondary Transition Specialist   Tasha Jackson Data Manager   , Faichuuk Region, Name Position School Dolores Aier Classroom Teacher  Epin Elementary School Tinisa Fritz Classroom Teacher  Munien Elementary School Tiarra Williander Classroom Teacher  I Faichuk High School Melida Sanechik Classroom Teacher III Udot Elementary School/NJHS Kimsha Noriano Contract Teacher  PPO Junior High School Mariko Michiuo Contract Teacher  Romalum Elementary School. Remkey Simichy Contract Teacher  Neirenom Elementary School Sabri Luther Contract Teacher  Eot Elementary School Aitnor Bisalen Related Services Assistant PPO Junior High School Akapito Kiniwaky Related Services Assistant Nomwisofo Jr. High Tedora Bokuku Related Services Assistant Onei Penieta Elementary School Asimiro Epineisar Teacher Assistant Chukuram Polle Fermina Kame Teacher Assistant Foup Elementary School MK Kaniki Teacher Assistant Manaio Elementary School Ray Eter Teacher Assistant Central Wonip Elementary School, Northern Namoneas Region, Name Position Contact Ann Sound Classroom Teacher  Mwan ECE Daneny Manyer Classroom Teacher  Mechitiw Elementary School Florita Robert Classroom Teacher  Piis Paneu ECE Inca Shotaro Classroom Teacher  Chuuk High School Jacinta Bisek Classroom Teacher  Mwan Elementary School Jonsaleen Melsior Classroom Teacher  Ettal Elementary School Kantita Salil Classroom Teacher  Iras Demo Elementary School Sonfia Fred Classroom Teacher  Neauo Elementary School Herbert Norio Classroom Teacher  I P&P Elementary School Reckson Reitaun Classroom Teacher  II Chuuk High School Semcher Kisin Classroom Teacher  III Fonoton Elementary School Elisa Betwell Classroom Teacher I Sapuk Elementary School Jayleen Nakamura Classroom Teacher III Iras Demo Elementary School Reimers Simina Contract Teacher  Iras Demo Elementary School Gloria Kayleen Ikea Deaf/blind Teacher  Iras Demo Elementary School Jiweina E Sitorus Deaf/blind Teacher  Iras Demo Elementary School Rosita Elias Related Services Assistant  Iras…, Northwest Region, Name Position Contact Carolyn Santiago Classroom Teacher  Weipat High School Melissa Refilong Classroom Teacher  Nomwin Elementary School Livenson Mike Classroom Teacher  I Tamatam Elementary School Phinaendy Rose Amando Classroom Teacher  I Pollap Elementary School Rino Christian Classroom Teacher  I Polowat Elementary School Johanes Bisalen Related Services Assistant Polowat Elementary School Khafson  Ifa Teacher Assistant Ruo Elementary School Lily Bualuay Teacher Assistant Onoun Elementary School  , Mortlocks, Name Position Contact Lukas Mony Classroom Teacher  Satawan Elementary School Rosemary Raymond Classroom Teacher  Moch Elementary School Adson Terry Classroom Teacher  I Moch Elementary School Agnes Lippwe Classroom Teacher  I Namoluk Elementary School Carlos Wichep Classroom Teacher  I Lekinioch Elementary School Dina Emuch Classroom Teacher  I Ettal Elementary School. Jeffry Timohty  Classroom Teacher  I Kuttu Elementary School. Rusty IM Classroom Teacher  I Ta Elementary School. Judson Marar Classroom Teacher  III Satowan High School Mania Johnny Classroom Teacher  III Oneop Elementary School Micheal Olap Classroom Teacher  IV Moch High School Alvin Defang Related ServicesAssisst Lekinioch Elementary School Madleen Kovac Teacher Assistant Losap Elementary School Pamela Luke Teacher Assistant Piisemwar Elementary School  , Southern Namoneas, Name Position Contact Reliefer Edgar Classroom Teacher Tsis Elementary School Adari Fine  Classroom Teacher  Fefen Elementary School Bekaleen. B Aikichy Classroom Teacher  Kuchu Elementary School Beverly Nakayama Classroom Teacher  SN High School Bireen Francis Classroom Teacher  UFO Elementary School. Kinisou (vacant) Namelo Classroom Teacher  Messa Elementary School Machury Reim Classroom Teacher  Parem Elementary School Reynold Reynold Classroom Teacher  Nukuno Elementary School Sinnan Reitaun Classroom Teacher  Inaka Elementary School Midaen Nino  Classroom Teacher  II Inaka Elementary School Cathy S. Sally Contract Teacher  West, Fefen Elementary School John T. (vacant) Rupen Contract Teacher  Uman Elementary School Marlene Reselap Contract Teacher  Sino Mem. Elementary School Mar Atty Related Services Assistant Uman Elementary School Michaela R. Ignacio Related Services Assistant Parem Elementary School Juliana Alanso Teacher Assistant Panetiw Elementary School Yudia Reseki…
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