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Area: Yap State

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Local Performance Plan
The Yap State Department of Education, Special Education Program is responsible for the general supervision of special education and related services delivered in Yap State through its Department of Education, known as the Local Education Agency (LEA).  The LEA facilitated a process for ensuring broad stakeholder input in the development of the Local Performance Plan based on the SEA (FSM) Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) Part B State Performance Plan (SPP).  As required by FSM-HESA, that compliances and monitoring activities be carried out in each LEA, the LEA must submit an Annual Local Performance Plan and a quarterly progress updates within that year.
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Program Staff Yap
Special Education Teachers, Name School Contact Lorita Leframor Asor Elementary School   Melliana Lemwaiushib Colonia Middle School   Caroline Bamog Dalipebinaw Elementary School   Romino Yarofairesh Eauripik Elementary School   Henry Mailibe Fadraii Elementary School   Angel Mailuw Falalis Elementary School   Justina Hathobelmar Falalop Ulithi Elementary School   Santus Bugomal Falalop Woleai Elementary School   Lydia Kadugyed Fanif Elementary School   David Rohlul Gaanelay Elementary School   Fandila Waathan Gaanelay Elementary School   Joanna Rumoon Gagil Elementary School   Titus Yangirelmeng Ifalik Elementary School   Lorenzo Haleyaluo Lamotrek Elementary School   Adela Haret Mogmog Elementary School   Fabian Sapelalig Neighboring Islands High School   Norma Yangfelmog Outer Islands High School   Mariano Piyerigmal Piig Elementary School   Simion Mangregmeng Seliap Elementary School   Lorenza Tirow St. Mary Elementary School   Noah Yarofaiseo Tegailap Elementary School   Vincent Yaingemai Wottegai…, Related Services Assistants, Name Position Contact Jessica Laenigmwai Related Service Supervisor   Danilee Baamer Dabugsiy Related Service Assistant - Waab Zone   Mary Laabrug Related Service Assistant - Waab Zone   Sergina Uywan Related Service Assistant - Waab Zone   Virginia Sartilug Related Service Provider - Waab Zone   Henry Yangireitig Related Service Assistant - Ifali Zone   Kimberly Legachigyam Related Service Assistant - Satawal Zone   Tina Ilemaluw Related Service Assistant - Fais   Melveen Lahaweyor Related Service Assistant - Lalalop Ulithi  
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